Drug Offence Lawyer Toronto

The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Criminal Code of Canada define what types of criminal offences are considered drug offences, as well as the penalties, should one be convicted and found guilty of the offence. There is a wide array of different classifications of drug offences including possession, production, and trafficking, to name a few.

Depending upon the actual type of drug offence one is charged with, some of these carry mandatory imprisonment periods of varying periods, along with life in prison for the most serious of drug offences. Furthermore, the impacts of being convicted and found guilty has other impacts on your life:

  • The offence is recorded on your criminal record.
  • You can be prohibited from traveling abroad, even to the United States.
  • You may find it difficult to find and maintain gainful employment.

If you have been arrested and formally charged for a drug offence, you need to hire experienced Toronto drug offence lawyer Rishma Gupta. Ms. Gupta has provided representation for other clients, who faced criminal drug offences and has helped them achieve the most appropriate outcomes in their cases.

One common misconception people have about criminal drug offences is they can only be charged for illegal substances and drugs, such as marijuana, heroin, or cocaine. However, the law always recognizes prescription medications as controlled substances. There are circumstances where one could be charged for the possession, production, or trafficking of prescription medications.

Another misconception people have is in regards to trafficking. They assume there must be an exchange of drugs for money or other property of value, but this is not the case. Even giving away the drugs for free is still considered trafficking. Furthermore, one could be charged for trafficking for attempting to distribute drugs that they know are not actual drugs.

If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a drug offence, there can be viable defences to your charges. To discuss your charges in greater detail contact Rishma Gupta today for a consultation and case evaluation.