R v R.H.
R v R.H. Acquitted for sexual interference and sexual assault
R v N.B. Acquitted last week for assault bodily harm, threaten​ing​ death and choking

R v D.K.
Charged with firearms, choking, robbery, threaten bodily harm, etc total of 43 counts and charged with numerous breaches of court orders in between. After a bail hearing over the course 6 weeks (sporadically), was finally was released to his family member.

R v M.W.
Client alleged to be involved in 2 separate shootings in Brampton, with ties to gang activity and trafficking drugs and charged with possession of long rifle and shotgun, money and drugs. Client is a music rapper.
Conducted a special bail hearing in Brampton courthouse today, where the crown was seeking client’s detention. Client was released after sound plan and arguments by defence counsel.

R v T.O.
Charges were domestic assault and threat charges with witnesses at the scene at the time. Complainant gave inconsistent account and not corroborated with the other witnesses. The client was exonerated of all charges.

R v O.H.D.
Charged with homicide. Today after 3 day contentious bail hearing before a Justice, the client was released on bail for very serious charges on a strong crown case.

R v N.P.
Client was charged with Attempt Murder. Client alleged to have stabbed the complainant in chest area. The complainant was in a coma for 3 months. At the preliminary inquiry at Newmarket courthouse, the charge of Attempt Murder was withdrawn after vigorous defence.

R v S.K.
Client charged with assault police x2, assault bodily harm, mischief under, threaten death. All charges were withdrawn after multiple discussions with the crown and judge about the weaknesses and Charter breaches endured by the client.

R v T.T.
Client charged with sexual assault and unlawfully in a dwelling. Client alleged to have gone into a stranger’s home in a residential area and violently sexually assault her. Client was acquitted by a jury in Superior Court of Justice

R v H.B.
Client charged with human trafficking. Client alleged to have forcefully prostituted a girl against her will and take the money made from that. This was alleged to have happened over the course of months. The client was alleged to have assaulted the complainant on numerous occasions to ensure she would comply. At the preliminary inquiry, after vigorous cross of the complainant, all human trafficking charges were dismissed.

R v R.B.
Client charged with several counts of sexual assault. Client alleged to have sexually assaulted the same complainant multiple times. Client was acquitted of all charges after a week long trial.

R v T.C.
Client charged with robbery with firearm. Client alleged to have robbed the complainant at gun point in an apartment building and took all his cash and cell phone. After a week long trial, client as found not guilty.

R v O.I.
Client charged with extortion, criminal harassment and sexual assault. Client is alleged to have taken the complainant to an empty lot and threaten to harm her and forced her to perform fellacio on him while recording it with his cell phone. After which, the client was alleged to send threatening text messages. All messages were in evidence. Client acquitted.

R v E.E.
Client charged with kidnapping and assault bodily harm and threatening the complainant. It is alleged the the client kidnapped the complainant with other people and kept the complainant for several days all the while beating and threatening the complainant for information. Client was acquitted.

R v M.H.
Client charged with theft over (rental vehicle) and possession of controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking. Client was alleged to have rented a vehicle in Alberta and driven the car with his buddies from Alberta to Toronto. Client was pulled over on a driving offence and the search incident to arrest resulted in lots of drugs found hidden in various places of the car. Client acquitted after 2 week trial.

R v S.M.
Client charged with robbery of cell phones and other property from the complainant and assault. Client acquitted in youth court after trial.

R v S.S.
Client charged with possession of firearm and an array of drugs found all over his home. It is alleged that he is a drug dealer and conducted such illegal trade from his home. At the preliminary inquiry, all charges dismissed.

R v T.D.
Client alleged to have driving all over the city of Toronto and robbed corner shops and gas stores and pedestrians on the street. There were a total of 6 accused driving around and alleged to have done this. Upon arrest all items alleged to have been stolen  was found in the vehicle with the 6 accused. Ms. Gupta’s client was the only one found not guilty after 2 week trial.

R v T.G.
Client charged with assaulting another inmate in jail. Client acquitted of jail house assault after trial.

R v T.B.
Client charged with a series of fraud charges. Client’s charges were withdrawn before trial after multiple discussions with the crown and pointing out the evidentiary weaknesses in the crown’s case.

R v H.N.
Client charged with assault bodily harm. Client alleged to have gotten in bar brawl with the complainant. Client acquitted after trial.

R v L.H.
Client charged with several counts of domestic assault against his wife. Client alleged to have hit his wife several times on separate occasions. The wife was alleged to have sustained injuries. Client acquitted after trial.

R v S.M.
Client charged with possession of controlled substance and weapons dangerous. After successfully arguing on Charter application, all illegal items were excluded and the charges dropped.

R v R.A.
Client charged with possession of firearm and controlled substance. The firearm found in the vehicle registered to client as well as the drugs were alleged to belong to client. All charges dropped after Charter application successfully argued.

R v N.G. Charged with domestic assault x2, and assault of a minor was found not guilty today after a 4 day trial, where the complainants were proven to be incredible and unreliable in her evidence.

Today a judge in Newmarket court found my client was acquitted of all charges. The charges were 2 counts of assault and 1 count of assault against a minor. This was after a 7 day trial.

Client charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking heroin, cocaine, marijuana and crack cocaine was acquitted. The acquittal was based on the illegal detention and search of my clients vehicle.

Rishma met with the judge and crown for a lengthy meeting. Her client was charged with a stabbing in a school. After raising the frailties of the Crown’s case, the charges were withdrawn!