Toronto Bail Hearing Lawyer

Every person is entitled a bail hearing as part of their rights, after they have been charged with a criminal offence and have been held in custody. The bail hearing is an important process of the Canadian legal system. It allows the accused the opportunity to be released from custody to prepare their defence against their charges.

It is important to have Toronto bail hearing lawyer Rishma Gupta provide representation during your hearing. While the law does allow you to represent yourself, this is never a good idea, especially if you want to be released from custody. Having a criminal defence lawyer present is often the difference between being granted bailed and being retained in custody.

Not being released on bail can have a direct impact on your case and your ability to work with your lawyer to prepare your defence to your charges. In addition, it could affect your job, ability to earn an income and support your family, and maintain a home. The law affords a person the right to only one bail hearing after being charged with their crimes.

If you are denied bail, it could take months, while you remain in custody, to file an appeal and request the court grant a bail review hearing. Even then, the court could deny the appeal. As you can see, representing yourself during your bail hearing is not worth the risks, since you only have one opportunity to be released on bail.

To ensure you are released, you need to retain the services of Rishma Gupta, professional and experienced bail hearing lawyer in Toronto. Ms. Gupta’s goal is to help you secure bail the first time and avoid the lengthy and costly appeal processes. Ms. Gupta also provides legal representation for bail appeals for people, who were originally denied bail because they may have represented themselves or lacked sufficient legal advice prior to their initial hearing.

By retaining the services of Ms. Gupta, not only will you have a qualified lawyer help secure your release, but you will also have a lawyer already familiar with your case and capable of starting to build a strategic defence to the charges. Contact Rishma Gupta today to get the help you need to be released on bail.